The Gwoof is:

- Boudewijn Bauw (drums)
- Sander Bos (hammond & synth bass)
- Patrick "Rudeboy" Tilon (rap/vocals)

In 2012 Boudewijn and Sander started a band together, 'The Gwoof'. For three and a half years they would meet and create new songs, or 'gwoofs'. Needless to say, the two became close in friendship as well as a musically tight duo.
After recording 14 of their favourite songs in the studio with legendary - grammy nominated - producer Attie Bauw, they realised that something was missing. So their search for the last, missing element began. On a whim they sent some of their recorded demos to Rudeboy. He was eager to work with them. The trio started to work on their debut EP, which is out now.

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